Catenary Solutions

Catenary Solutions specialises in connecting technologies and markets to give a successful and profitable outcome.

Combining deep technical knowledge with sound strategic marketing perspective and passion, Catenary Solutions works with companies to deliver added value in technology product commercialisation.


"Catenary" pron: /ka'Teenə'Ree/

The curve formed by an idealised cable or chain hanging freely between two points.

By using our expertise to link technology products to market, Catenary Solutions can help technology companies commercialise their products more successfully, avoiding the trap of developing products for which there is no market requirement, or failing to communicate a product’s benefits effectively to its target market. In doing so, we can help to avoid the ‘chasm’ where a technology product fails to gain commercial traction beyond initial sales to early adopters (as explained by Gordon Moore in his 1991 book, Crossing the Chasm).


Dr Tim Phillips, founder of Catenary Solutions Limited, graduated with an MA (Hons) in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, and was awarded a PhD in liquid crystal physics and chemistry from the University of Bristol. More recently he achieved an MBA with Distinction at the University of Warwick Business School. For the last 25 years he has worked in a variety of technical, management, business development and marketing roles in global technology companies, both large and small.

From 2010-2015, Tim was responsible for marketing at Xennia Technology Limited. During this time, he oversaw the growth of Xennia into a powerhouse global digital inks and solutions brand, especially in the field of textile printing, before being acquired by Sensient Technologies Corporation in June 2015.

In his spare time, Tim is a keen cyclist, currently undertaking a series of on- and off-road cycling challenges to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Tim also creates electronic music using analogue synthesisers, and loves films and music, being an avid collector of vinyl records.

How we work

Catenary Solutions works together with clients to understand their requirement in detail, then performs the necessary analysis to specify a high value solution. Once the requirement is defined and the optimum solution proposed, the agreed solution is delivered in a timely and efficient manner in collaboration with the client. At all times the underpinning philosophy is to combine technical understanding with a strategic marketing approach.


Catenary Solutions has access to the resources of a high quality network of experts in conceptual & print design, web design & architecture, search engine optimisation (SEO), user interface/app design, intellectual property & due diligence and technical translation to ensure the ideal technology marketing solution is configured for your requirements.

To find out more about our extensive range of services, please contact us.

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